Partial Report of Hearing on Johnston Sunday Bill, S. 404


The Next Step

Now, gentlemen, following the history of this bill, you will see that the first time this Sunday bill was introduced, there was no exemption clause whatever; then it was amended, and the exemption clause was attached to the third section, applying to the whole Act; it was further amended, and the exemption applied to the first section only. The next step, gentlemen, and only one step, is—out of the bill entirely. It has passed from the third to the first section; the next step is to get it out entirely. RJSB 6.1

I am not saying that a Sunday bill with a broad exemption clause is a proper bill. I am simply saying this: The history of this bill shows that those who handle it assume the right to determine who shall rest and who shall not rest, and how they shall rest, and to prescribe Sunday, first, as a Sabbath, then changing it to a day of rest, but limiting it to a day of rest, but limiting the exemption only to a portion. It shows this: The right in this bill is assumed to control men as to how they shall spend a certain day, and to compel them to spend it according to a certain plan. RJSB 6.2