The subject treated upon in the following pages is one of momentous interest to the people of God. It is a subject upon which a great deal of misunderstanding exists, and wrong views are by many entertained. And it is one which, we are sorry to say, the great enemy of righteousness, taking advantage of unbalanced minds, has, perhaps, more frequently tried to bring into disrepute, by exhibitions of fanaticism, than any other subject. But we should not for this cause leave the ground to the enemy, and abandon a subject which is so really valuable, and designed to occupy so prominent a part, in the work of Christianity. SLH 2.1

We are happy to present to the inquiring the following sober and candid, yet thorough, exposition of this subject. We commend it to the reader in view of the fast approaching day which shall try every man’s character—a day in which, if we are saved, it will be because we have worked out our salvation with fear and trembling. SLH 2.2