Letters by Charles Fitch From The Midnight Cry, March 14, 1844

Letters by Charles Fitch From The Midnight Cry, March 14, 1844

Cleveland, Ohio February 24, 1844

Dear Brethren of the Midnight Cry,
Our dear Brother Storrs says that the Great Head of the Church designed that we should come out of Babylon, and not wait for Babylon to thrust us out. I believe he is right, and I am therefore determined to come out.

Subsequently to my being separated from the Newark Presbytery, I was induced, at the solicitation of several clergymen, to unite with the New York Congregational Association, and was received by that body, and became a subscriber to its creed: having also been received by the General Association of the Western Reserve. LCFMC 1.2

This is now nearly three years since. I have never met with them since that time, and do not know whether they retain my name among their list of members or not. But I now wish to say through your paper to the world, that I do from this time regard myself, and hereby proclaim myself to all men, as free and independent of all ecclesiastical domination, as a member of no sect, and a subscriber to no creed. At the same time, I received the Bible as the Word of the Living God, and am looking for the immediate coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom I must give account. LCFMC 1.3

“Grace, mercy, and peace, from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Timothy 1:2) to all who love Him in sincerity; and love to all who love His appearing. LCFMC 1.4

Yours in the blessed hope,