Judicial Religious Legislation Exposed


The sum of the whole matter, then, is this: JRLE 4.10

Sunday legislation in any form or to any extent is only religious; and in itself means a union of religion and the State. JRLE 4.11

The American constitutional principle of government is the total separation of religion and the state. JRLE 4.12

To sustain such laws is to establish the union of religious and the state, and to open the doors to the religious meddlings, despotisms, and persecutions of the old order of things from which the American people had freed themselves. JRLE 4.13

By judicial religious legislation, State and national, against the positive inhibitions of the constitutions, State and national, and against the fundamental maxims of law itself, contrary to truth and fact, the courts, State and national, have sustained such laws. JRLE 4.14

In this the courts have set the American people face to face with the imminent and final denial of the inestimable boon of religious liberty, which, by their constitutions, State and national, they had expressly secured to themselves. JRLE 4.15

Will the people of these United States, as “the rightful masters of both Congresses and courts,” allow themselves thus to be filched of their own rights and liberties proclaimed and fixed by themselves upon divine principles and in their own supreme laws? JRLE 4.16

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