Selected Messages Book 3


Sickness of Others Carried Vicariously

Christ alone was able to bear the afflictions of all the human family. “In all their afflictions he was afflicted.” He never bore disease in His own flesh, but He carried the sickness of others. When suffering humanity pressed about Him, He who was in the health of perfect manhood was as one afflicted with them.... 3SM 133.2

In His life on earth, Christ developed a perfect character, He rendered perfect obedience to His Father's commandments. In coming to the world in human form, in becoming subject to the law, in revealing to men that He bore their sickness, their sorrow, their guilt, He did not become a sinner. Before the Pharisees He could say, “Which of you convinceth me of sin?” Not one stain of sin was found upon Him. He stood before the world the spotless Lamb of God.—The Youth's Instructor, December 29, 1898. 3SM 133.3