Selected Messages Book 3


Books Sought Giving Order of Events

Well, my dear Willie and Edson and Emma, let us draw very nigh to God. Let us live daily as we would wish we had lived when the judgment shall sit and the books shall be opened, and when everyone will be rewarded according to his works.... Tell Mary to find me some histories of the Bible that would give me the order of events. [In the preparation of The Desire of Ages such works were used in determining the order of events. On this point Marian Davis, writing to the manager of the Pacific Press, stated on November 23, 1896, “In the order of chapters we followed Andrews’ harmony as given in his life of Christ. He is generally regarded as the very best authority, and is quoted by leading writers. We know of no better arrangement than his.” Samuel J. Andrews, The Life of Our Lord Upon the Earth, First published in 1862. The 1891 edition was in Ellen White's library. His “Harmony of the Gospels” appears on pages XXII to XXVII.—Compilers.] I have nothing and can find nothing in the library here [Basel, Switzerland].—Letter 38, 1885, p. 8. 3SM 122.1