Selected Messages Book 3


Let God, Not Men, Declare It

I want to say to whomsoever the glory of God has been revealed, “You will never have the least inclination to say, ‘I am holy, I am sanctified.’” 3SM 354.3

After my first vision of glory, I could not discern the brightest light. It was thought that my eyesight was gone, but when I again became accustomed to the things of this world I could see again. This is why I tell you never to boast, saying, “I am holy, I am sanctified,” for it is the surest evidence that you know not the Scripture or the power of God. Let God write it in His books if He will, but you should never utter it. 3SM 354.4

I have never dared to say, “I am holy, I am sinless,” but whatever I have thought was the will of God I have tried to do it with all my heart, and I have the sweet peace of God in my soul. I can commit the keeping of my soul to God as unto a faithful Creator, and know that He will keep that which is committed to His trust. It is my meat and drink to do my Master's will.—Manuscript 6a, 1886. 3SM 354.5