Selected Messages Book 3


The Church Paper to Speak

(A Message to the Editor in 1883.)

I have been waiting to see what you would do in putting something in the paper to vindicate the right. You have had ample time.... 3SM 350.1

Why do you not do justice by my husband's name and reputation, and why do you keep entirely silent and let the dragon roar? 3SM 350.2

For myself I care not, my peace is not disturbed, but I do care for the watchmen whom God has placed on the walls of Zion who ought to give the trumpet a certain sound. You certainly ought to do something for your own sake, for Christ's sake, for the truth's sake. Why do you not let the right appear? Why do you remain as silent as the dead? Is this the way you defend the truth? ... 3SM 350.3

Mrs. White the Text of Every Opposer—Truth will triumph. I expect these raids will be made against me till Christ comes. There is not an opposer of our faith but that makes Mrs. White his text. They begin to oppose the truth and then make a raid on me. What have I done? If evil, then let them bear witness of the evil.... 3SM 350.4

Well, Long's and also Green's books [The products of a breakaway, apostate movement.] came out, these most weak and contemptible productions. I waited for you and others to speak of these, as you stood in the responsible position you did as watchmen on the walls of Zion and should warn the people.... 3SM 350.5

Why All This Zeal Against Me?—Things move rapidly, and there are strange and startling developments made in quick succession. We are nearing the end. Why, I ask, is all this zeal against me? I have attended to my business given me of God. I have injured no one. I have spoken to the erring the words God has given me. Of course, I could not compel them to hear. Those who had the benefit of Christ's labors were just as enraged against Him as the enemies are against me. 3SM 351.1

I have only done my duty. I have spoken because compelled to speak. They have not rejected me, but Him who sent me. He has given me my work.... 3SM 351.2

I am watched, every word I write is criticised, every move I make is commented upon.... 3SM 351.3

I leave my work and its results until we gather about the great white throne. Do you see the Spirit of Christ in this watching, in these suspicions, in these conjectures, these suppositions? What right have they to suppose, to conjecture, to misinterpret my words? to misstate me as they do? 3SM 351.4

There is a class that love just this kind of food. They are scavengers not looking candidly to see what good my writings and my testimonies have done, but like Satan, the accuser of the brethren, see what evil they can find, what mischief they can work, what word they can twist, and put their wicked construction upon it, to make a false prophet.... 3SM 351.5

I see the satanic spirit more plainly developed than has been manifested the last forty years.—Letter 3, 1883. 3SM 351.6

Communicated Like Leaven—If Satan can excite criticism among any of the Lord's professed people, then it is communicated like leaven from one to another. Give the spirit of criticism no quarter, for it is Satan's science. Accept it, and envy, jealousy, and evil surmisings of one another follow. 3SM 351.7

Press together, is the command I hear from the Captain of our salvation. Press together. Where there is unity, there is strength. All who are on the Lord's side will press together. There is need of perfect unity and love among believers in the truth, and anything that leads to dissension is of the devil. The Lord designs that His people shall be one with Him as the branches are one with the vine. Then they will be one with each other.—Letter 6, 1899. 3SM 352.1

A Long List of False Statements Expected—I expect now that a long list of false statements will be presented to the world, and that lie upon lie, misstatement upon misstatement, which Satan has originated in the minds of individuals, will by some be accepted as truth. But I leave my case in the hands of God, and those who know my life practice will not receive the lies that are spoken.—Letter 22, 1906. 3SM 352.2