Selected Messages Book 3


To Meet and Correct Falsehoods

I have no controversy with V. My life mission is before the world. It is not my work. It is the Lord's work. I take no credit to myself; for the Lord will deliver me from the strife of tongues. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” 3SM 349.3

We shall now have to meet and correct the falsehoods that have gone forth from V and his wife, in order that our brethren may know from whence they come. I must know what he charges against them. To bring before the public a tirade against a woman is not a result of the working of the Holy Spirit, but an inspiration of the spirit of the enemy, to which we shall give no place. Shall we leave souls to drink in temptation because of misrepresentation? No, never; I would be an unfaithful steward did I do this. There now needs to be a true statement placed before the people; and then my work is done. I enter into no arguments, but I cannot allow the work of God, which has borne fruit that has been before the people during almost my whole lifetime, to be brushed away as a cobweb, by whom? A human being, subject to temptation, whom Satan is now sifting as wheat.—Letter 65, 1897. 3SM 349.4