Selected Messages Book 3


Look Beyond the Shadows

Jesus lives; He has risen, He has risen, He is alive forevermore. Do not feel that you carry the load. It is true you wear the yoke, but whom are you yoked up with?—No less a personage than your Redeemer. Satan will cast his hellish shadow athwart your pathway; you cannot expect anything else; but he cast the same dark shadow athwart the pathway of Christ. Now all you have to do is to look beyond the shadow to the brightness of Christ.... Do not look at the discouragements; think of how precious is Jesus. 3SM 326.3

Your memory will be renewed by the Holy Spirit. Can you forget what Jesus has done for you? ... You were taken away from yourself; your deepest, sweetest thoughts were upon your precious Saviour, His care, His assurance, His love. How your desires went out to Him! 3SM 327.1

All your hopes rested upon Him, all your expectations were associated with Him. Well, He loves you still; He has the balm that can heal every wound and you can repose in Him.... 3SM 327.2

The Comforter will be to you all that you desire. You will be weighted with the Spirit of God, and the importance of the message, and the work. I know that the Lord is willing to reveal to you wondrous things out of His law. Oh, let all take knowledge of you, that you have been with Jesus.—Letter 30a, 1892. 3SM 327.3

Face the Light—I will not allow my mind to dwell on the dark side. Jesus has light and comfort and hope and joy for me. I want to face the light, that the brightness of the Sun of Righteousness may shine into my heart, and be reflected to others. It is the duty of every Christian to shine—to shed abroad the light of the grace that Christ imparts. God would have me, even in my pain, praise Him, showing that I realize that His presence is with me. (Romans 5:1; 1 John 5:11 quoted.)—Manuscript 19, 1892. 3SM 327.4