Selected Messages Book 3


Chapter 38—Science and Revelation

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” The mightiest intellects of earth cannot comprehend God. If he reveals Himself at all to men, it is by veiling Himself in mystery. His ways are past finding out. Men must be ever searching, ever learning; and yet there is an infinity beyond. Could they fully understand the purposes, wisdom, love, and character of God, they would not believe in Him as an infinite being, and trust Him with the interests of their souls. If they could fathom Him, he would no longer stand supreme. 3SM 306.1

There are men who think they have made wonderful discoveries in science. They quote the opinions of learned men as though they considered them infallible and teach the deductions of science as truths that cannot be controverted. And the Word of God, which is given as a lamp to the feet of the world-weary traveler, is judged by this standard, and pronounced wanting. 3SM 306.2

The scientific research in which these men have indulged has proved a snare to them. It has clouded their minds, and they have drifted into skepticism. They have a consciousness of power; and instead of looking to the Source of all wisdom, they triumph in the smattering of knowledge they may have gained. They have exalted their human wisdom in opposition to the wisdom of the great and mighty God, and have dared to enter into controversy with Him. The word of inspiration pronounces these men “fools.” 3SM 306.3