Selected Messages Book 3


How the Dress Reform Was Revealed

[For an informative presentation on the “reform dress” adopted in response to this vision, and prevailing conditions which made such a change desirable, see The Story of Our Health Message, 112-130.]

Question—Does not the practice of the sisters in wearing their dresses nine inches from the floor contradict testimony No. 11, which says they should reach somewhat below the top of a lady's gaiter boot? 3SM 277.4

Answer—The proper distance from the bottom of the dress to the floor was not given to me in inches.... But three companies of females passed before me, with their dresses as follows with respect to length: 3SM 277.5

The first were of fashionable length, burdening the limbs, impeding the step, and sweeping the street and gathering its filth; the evil results of which I have fully stated. This class, who were slaves to fashion, appeared feeble and languid. 3SM 278.1

The dress of the second class which passed before me was in many respects as it should be. The limbs were well clad. They were free from the burdens which the tyrant, Fashion, had imposed upon the first class; but had gone to that extreme in the short dress as to disgust and prejudice good people, and destroy in a great measure their own influence. This is the style and influence of the “American Costume,” taught and worn by many at “Our Home,” Dansville, N.Y. It does not reach to the knee. I need not say that this style of dress was shown me to be too short. 3SM 278.2

A third class passed before me with cheerful countenances, and free, elastic step. Their dress was the length I have described as proper, modest, and healthful. It cleared the filth of the street and sidewalk a few inches under all circumstances, such as ascending and descending steps, et cetera. 3SM 278.3

As I have before stated, the length was not given me in inches.... 3SM 278.4