Selected Messages Book 3


A School That Makes a Favorable Impression

We want to have a school in connection with the Sanitarium. It is presented to me that wherever there is a sanitarium, there must be a school, and that school must be carried on in such a way that it makes an impression on all who shall visit the Sanitarium. People will come into that school. They will see how that school is managed. It should not be far from the Sanitarium, so that they can understand. 3SM 225.3

In the management of the school there is to be the very best kind of discipline. In learning, the students cannot have their own way. They have got to give up their own way to discipline. This is a lesson that is yet to be learned by a good many families. But we hear, “Oh, let them do this. They are nothing but children. They will learn when they get older.” 3SM 225.4

Well, just as soon as a child in my care would begin to show passion, and throw himself on the floor, he never did it but once, I want to tell you. I would not let the devil work right through that child and take possession of it. 3SM 225.5

The Lord wants us to understand things. He says, Abraham commanded his children and his household after him, and we want to understand what it means to command, and we want to understand that we have got to take hold of the work if we resist the devil. 3SM 225.6

Well, I do not know whether we are any farther along than when we began. 3SM 226.1

C. L. Taylor: Yes, I think we are. 3SM 226.2

Sister White: But some things have been said. 3SM 226.3

L. M. Bowen: I think we know what we will have to do. 3SM 226.4

Sister Gotzian: Enough has been said to set us thinking, and to do something. 3SM 226.5

Sister White: The Lord is in earnest with us. Yes; we have got to be an example. And now you see there are so many sanitariums, and so many schools, that must be connected with them. We have got to come to our senses and recognize that we have to carry an influence—that is an influence in regard to the children.... 3SM 226.6

Your school is to be a sample school. It is not to be a sample after the schools of the day. It is not to be any such thing. Your school is to be according to a plan that is far ahead of these other schools. It is to be a practical thing. The lessons are to be put into practice, and not merely a recitation of [theory]. 3SM 226.7

C. L. Taylor: I am satisfied that when we begin to move in that direction, we will see real light come in.—Manuscript 7, 1904 3SM 226.8