A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education


The Minister, the Physician, and the Bible Worker

The gospel minister should preach the health principles, for these have been given of God as among the means needed to prepare a people perfect in character. Therefore, health principles have been given to us that as a people we might be prepared in both mind and body to receive the fullness of God's blessing. The medical missionary work has its place and part in this closing gospel work. CME 43.2

The Christian physician has a high calling. With his fuller knowledge of the human system and its laws, he is in a position to preach the gospel of salvation with much efficiency and power. CME 43.3

The first and chief object of the gospel and all that pertains to it is to seek and to save that which is lost. The ministry of the gospel, whether by the minister or the physician, is to reach out to man a helping hand wherever it is needed. It is to minister to the sick and suffering physically as well as to the sin-sick soul. CME 43.4

Here the gospel minister and the Christian physician unite, and the Bible worker in her visit from house to house as well.—The Review and Herald, October 29, 1914. CME 44.1

Ministers, do not confine your work to merely giving Bible instruction. Do practical work. Seek to restore the sick to health. This is true ministry. Remember that the restoration of the body prepares the way for the restoration of the soul.—Medical Ministry, 240. CME 44.2