The Review and Herald



April 27, 1876

Minnesota Camp-Meeting


We should have been on the camp-ground at Eagle Lake, Minnesota, Thursday evening, June 24, 1875; but we learned that there was an impassable break in the road, occasioned by the severe storm of the previous night, which would detain us twenty-four hours. We took a room at the Jewell House, and were weary enough to have a thorough night's rest at Winona. RH April 27, 1876, par. 1

Friday noon we took the cars at Winona and went on about sixteen miles, and came to a halt. We were informed that we could go no farther, for the freight train in passing over the repaired break had broken through. We remained on the track six hours. This delay brought us to Eagle Lake at three o'clock Sabbath morning. We met a hearty reception from our brethren. Nearly everything upon the ground was drenched by the recent heavy rain, but they did not appear discouraged. Meetings had been in session since Thursday. Three discourses had been given with good effect. RH April 27, 1876, par. 2

Sabbath morning meetings were commenced under the tent for prayer and conference. Bro. Smith made appropriate remarks at the beginning of the meeting. I felt free in speaking about fifteen minutes, entreating all present to improve this opportunity of seeking the Lord. Our first work should be to search our own hearts and put away from them everything that is grievous to the Spirit of the Lord. Here in this convocation meeting was a favorable time for all of us to humble our hearts, by confessing our sins and faults, and to come near to God by repentance and faith, that we might feel an assurance of his love. RH April 27, 1876, par. 3

We lack in faith and love. We must exercise faith in God and cherish love in our hearts for him, love for the truth, and love for one another. We must do this if we prepare the way for the Holy Spirit. RH April 27, 1876, par. 4

Many then bore testimony, the substance of which I will give as the brethren and sisters spoke. RH April 27, 1876, par. 5

A sister says she is one of the most needy. She has had quite an experience in the work, but has not made that advancement which she might; she now feels that she must make an entire surrender to God. RH April 27, 1876, par. 6

A brother says he cannot be satisfied until he becomes strong through Jesus and gains the victory over sin in his own heart. RH April 27, 1876, par. 7

Another brother is thankful God had spared his life to be present at this meeting. He has come to gain strength to be a better Christian, a man devoted to God, carrying out his faith in his every-day life. RH April 27, 1876, par. 8

A sister says she is determined to live like a humble follower of Jesus. Her trials sometimes seem greater than she can bear; then, again, she thinks these trials are to help her to endure and be a more perfect follower of Jesus. She wishes her daily life and her conversation to redound to the glory of God. She wants to be approved of her Heavenly Father. RH April 27, 1876, par. 9

A brother says he came a long way to this meeting, that he might receive a blessing here; he did not want to go away disappointed. He feels that he has an individual work to do; he wants to accomplish this work; he wants the crown that is to be given to the faithful. RH April 27, 1876, par. 10

A sister says that she loves Jesus, but feels that she has not the spirit of prayer and deep sympathy for his cause that she should have. RH April 27, 1876, par. 11

A brother says that he wants to get right before God, and thanks him for the good he has received during this meeting. He has here realized the blessing of God. Another brother says he has been admonished of the fact that the minister cannot do the work assigned to him. He must perform it himself; he must humble his heart, confess his sins and live a better life; contact with the world has had a chilling and withering influence upon his spirituality. Today he wants to be sanctified through the truth. It is the truth that makes us free. Another brother testifies that he is earnestly seeking for sanctification through the truth. RH April 27, 1876, par. 12

A brother bears testimony that it is good to be engaged in the work of God. He has been trying to redeem the failures of his past life. In searching his heart, that he might the better understand his own defects, he has felt the blessing of God. He wants to derive all the benefit possible from this meeting. RH April 27, 1876, par. 13

A brother rejoices that he feels a hungering and thirsting for righteousness. He desires the Christian graces to be continually growing in his character and life. RH April 27, 1876, par. 14

A sister rejoices to meet so many friends interested in the truth. She had made a great effort to come to the meeting, and was trying to overcome the enemy and make sure of the kingdom. RH April 27, 1876, par. 15

One brother says he is reminded by this gathering of the great assembly which shall meet, from the east and the west, the north and the south, and shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of Heaven. RH April 27, 1876, par. 16

A sister feels most unworthy of all. This is the first camp-meeting she has attended. She thanks God for the good she has received. RH April 27, 1876, par. 17

A brother says he was at the camp-meeting one year ago, and there resolved to live a better life. He thinks he has made some progress and has been struggling to gain a victory over his sins. Another brother came to the meeting hoping to receive the blessing of God, and he has not been disappointed. He says if we place ourselves in a right position toward God, we may have a rich flow of his Spirit in our hearts. RH April 27, 1876, par. 18

A brother says, he is seeking to bring his body into subjection, that appetite and passion may be under the control his will. RH April 27, 1876, par. 19

A brother says it is good for him to be here. He has progressed some since one year ago. If we put our trust in God he will not forsake us. He has been blessed this morning. He sees that he has done many things that are wrong; he has indulged appetite to his injury; he has used tobacco; he feels that it is necessary for him to overcome this unnatural appetite. He wants to serve God with his whole soul, mind, and strength. The Lord has a work for him to do, which no one can perform for him. RH April 27, 1876, par. 20

Another brother says that God has spared his life and granted him the desire of his heart in enabling him to come to this camp-meeting. He wants to put himself in the way to receive the blessing of God. He has been afflicted—been brought near the gates of death; he had promised the Lord to surrender all to Christ. He has been searching his heart and finds he has much to do to perfect a Christian character. He has suffered much pain because of the violation of the laws of his being. He feels that he has been taken into the stripping room, where, through a severe process, the Lord has brought him to see himself, in all his sinfulness. He must make clean work for eternity. RH April 27, 1876, par. 21

A sister says she is thankful that God has spared her life to enjoy this privilege. She wants to be a Christian; she knows it is a great thing to become one, for it is to be Christ-like. She does not want to be almost a follower of Jesus, but a full, earnest, cheerful, disciple of her Saviour. RH April 27, 1876, par. 22

Another sister expresses great thankfulness that she has the privilege of attending the meeting. She has been keeping the commandments of God. RH April 27, 1876, par. 23

A Swedish sister desires the help of God, that she may smooth off the sharp and rough points of her character. She wants to see her companion love and obey the law of God. A brother says he came a long way to attend this meeting, hoping to obtain more strength and grace; he has not been disappointed. He wants to live the life of a faithful Christian. RH April 27, 1876, par. 24

Another brother says he wants to stand as a witness for God. He is unworthy to bear the name of Christian; his life has not done honor to his profession; if God will be so gracious as to spare him to meet his friends in camp-meeting another year, he will endeavor to have a better testimony to bear. RH April 27, 1876, par. 25

A sister says she wants the rubbish removed from the door of her heart, that the spirit of Jesus may come in. Her heart has been troubled; she has carried her burden to Jesus, and knows that he will not forsake those who trust in him. She wants to be worthy to be called, with truth, a child of God. Her trials have been great, but God will not call her to pass through more than he will give her grace to endure. RH April 27, 1876, par. 26

A Swedish brother says that one year ago he promised that he would go home from that meeting and try to live up to his profession; his efforts have been with some success, but as he looks back today and sees how many crooked paths his feet has made, he feels deeply humbled. He is inclined to be hasty and impatient of speech in his family, he will make more earnest efforts to overcome this failing; he must be right at home in his actions and example, and he will be in the strength of God. RH April 27, 1876, par. 27

A sister says she will now, just now, open the door of her heart and let her Saviour in. She desires to get nearer to God. RH April 27, 1876, par. 28

A brother says he is determined to walk in all the commandments of God. Last year he heard others give their testimony, but he did not take his cross nor do his duty; he now felt that he must confess his fault. Let us all confess our faults, and pray for one another, that we may be healed of our infirmities. RH April 27, 1876, par. 29

A Seventh-day Baptist minister says he came to this meeting, after weary weeks of anticipation, to obtain the blessing of God. That blessing he has found. He was deeply affected, said he was a stranger to the most of those present, yet he felt that he was brought near to his brethren through the love of Jesus Christ. He came for the purpose, first, of receiving the blessing of God. Secondly, to observe and hear. He wanted to ascertain if professing a greater light and deeper truth was accompanied by a fuller consecration; if we are no better than other people who do not profess to have received new and greater light, then our faith is of no more virtue than theirs. He was rejoiced and made glad to hear the testimonies that were reaching down into the heart, seeking a deeper work of grace, equally important as, and corresponding with, the great and sacred truths which are professed, seeking for a better, higher, diviner life. If this is your aim and object, as I trust and believe, let me call you brethren, and we will unite as one. Let no discouragement deter you; some have felt, as they have expressed themselves, almost like giving up, because of the trials that beset them. They should remember that these afflictions are helpers in their spiritual lives, if only they stand fast under them, and bind them closer to their Father. RH April 27, 1876, par. 30

Yesterday the storm broke down a tree upon the encampment; this tree had stood among many trees, sheltered and protected by them; had it stood alone, in the open ground, and been blown hither and thither, its roots would have struck deeper down, and become more firmly established in the soil; it could have then resisted the tempest, and stood firmly beneath the shock of the hurricane. When great trials oppress you and threaten to crush you, dig deep and plant your roots firmly in the unyielding truth and wisdom of God, that you may stand and be strong. After a quarter of a century spent in enduring the conflicts and storms of life, he was more determined than ever before to hold fast the hope and fight the good warfare to the end. RH April 27, 1876, par. 31

A brother says he cannot allow this meeting to pass and this precious opportunity to be lost without testifying as to what God has done for him. He has been, for years, seeking to serve God. He now sees, as never before, what slow progress he has made. He is just beginning to see the sharp points and rough corners of his character; he feels that these traits are becoming more firmly fixed; he has asked God to help him to overcome them, to cherish humility and to bear the cross; but the cross has lacerated him in bearing it. The commandments of God are very broad; he wants to claim the Father's blessing through obedience. RH April 27, 1876, par. 32

A sister says she is trying to keep God's law and to love her Saviour with all her heart. Another says she has been trying to prepare her heart to receive a blessing and has been amply paid. RH April 27, 1876, par. 33

Still another sister says that the more and better we love God, the better we can see our guilt in transgressing the law of God. The blinder we are to our sins, the less importance we attach to the keeping of that law. The better we love God's commandments, the more precious will Jesus be to us, and the more grievous will sin appear. RH April 27, 1876, par. 34

A brother says his heart has rejoiced since he came on the ground; he is glad to meet old familiar friends. The enemy has tried hard to get him, but he is determined to press his way to the kingdom, there to meet his brethren and sisters, and rejoice with them in the final triumph. RH April 27, 1876, par. 35

A sister testifies that she loves Jesus and present truth; she has to make quite a sacrifice, but the Lord blesses her in making it. A brother says he is thankful indeed for this great privilege. RH April 27, 1876, par. 36

A sister is determined to press onward and make sure progress Heavenward. RH April 27, 1876, par. 37

A brother says that seventeen years ago, in the State of New York, he enlisted in the army of the Lord; he had idols which he could not then give up; the truth did not take deep enough hold on his heart to enable him to overcome; he had been opposed to the gifts, but for five or six months he has been strong in keeping the law of God, and has patiently endeavored to break off his wrong habits. This brother came, and with weeping confessed the bitterness of feeling he has had toward me, and the hard speeches he has made to others in regard to me; he asked my forgiveness. I told him I forgave him as freely as Christ forgave me. RH April 27, 1876, par. 38

A brother says he has been keeping the commandments of God some two years; he feels more at home in the company of God's children than with his own relatives who oppose our faith; he feels that he must deny self and bear the cross. RH April 27, 1876, par. 39

A brother wants to stand as a witness for Jesus; he confesses that when he left home his motives were not right in coming to this meeting; he wanted to see what was to be seen, to visit with friends, and have a “good time;” but now he feels that he must have a work done for himself; he wants to be strong in the truth, to study his Bible and consecrate himself fully to the work of God. RH April 27, 1876, par. 40

A brother says he is glad that he loves God and loves his people. He has tried to keep the Sabbath for more then [than] twenty years; it is his experience that “great peace have they who love Thy law.” He has unwavering faith in the Scriptures; he has no doubts regarding their truth; but he must have works accompanying his faith; for faith without works is dead, being alone. He desires to know the will of God and to live in obedience to it, and be sanctified through the truth. Brethren, let us hold on to God and his promises, pleading with him for strength to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold of eternal life. RH April 27, 1876, par. 41

A brother rejoices that he has this privilege. The meetings have done him good; he wants to make progress Heavenward; it is good for him to hear the testimony of those whom he knew years ago. He desires to be true to his profession. He has had trials; sometimes they seemed more than he could well endure; he has called upon God and laid his troubles before him, and he has been greatly strengthened in so doing. RH April 27, 1876, par. 42

A brother says he has rough ways that he wants to make smooth; he must break off from all things that hinder his advancement in the divine life; the love of God should be uppermost, and he should be willing to make everything subservient to His cause. He wants to gain the blissful shore. He wants all his acts and words to be in direct harmony with the will of God. RH April 27, 1876, par. 43

A brother says he believes the great and glorious gospel truths. He wants to go to the kingdom. He feels unworthy; he knows that it depends upon his actions whether he makes his way to Heaven or not. He knows that God weighs his deeds in the balance, and he wants a clean record in Heaven. RH April 27, 1876, par. 44

A sister says she thanks God for this meeting, but is sorry to confess that she lacks patience in her family; she wishes us to especially pray that she may overcome this sin. RH April 27, 1876, par. 45

A brother says he feels like pressing on; he has trials, and almost every discouragement with which to contend. He has set up idols and it is difficult for him to sacrifice them; he does not progress as he should if he had cut loose from these hindrances; he feels that he must give up everything that would be in the way of his spiritual advancement, and be diligent to make his calling and election sure. RH April 27, 1876, par. 46

A sister says she is thankful that she came up to this meeting. There was the appearance of a storm; she asked God that the storm might be stayed. It looked very dark all night, but did not rain, and they started the following morning. They rode a part of the way in the rain, but this she did not mind; she had received many rich blessings since she came on the ground. She had many trials, but thought they were all for the best, and would trust in God to bring her through them all. RH April 27, 1876, par. 47

A brother says he desires to serve God in spirit and in truth; he wants his daily life to be acceptable in the sight of God. He has but a short time to serve the cause of truth, he wants the principles of truth to be exemplified in his every act, and the fear of God kept continually before him. RH April 27, 1876, par. 48

Four now rose at the same time. A sister says that she is a great sinner and wants to be converted. RH April 27, 1876, par. 49

A brother says, “I feel thankful for what mine eyes have seen and mine ears have heard. These cheering testimonies have met a response in my heart. I want to be strong in hope and faithful in obedience to all the commandments of God, and at last receive the reward of eternal life.” RH April 27, 1876, par. 50

A Methodist sister says the Lord is here. She is thankful that he has given her enough of his Spirit that she can recognize the power and love of God manifested in the souls of this people. She is not of this fold, but feels that the Lord is among them. RH April 27, 1876, par. 51

A sister says she feels that, only through Christ, can she overcome. She has faults that she must put away. During the past year, when she thought she was strong, she was made to see her weakness. She came to this meeting to find Jesus. She wants to hide behind that Friend, as sister White has shown us it is only through the assisting grace of the Redeemer that we can overcome and have eternal life. RH April 27, 1876, par. 52

A sister says she loves the Lord, but she often says and does that which is wrong; this has hindered her progress. She has had severe conflicts and passed through many trying scenes; but the Lord has sustained her, and been to her a very present help in time of trouble. RH April 27, 1876, par. 53

A brother says that he has learned it is good to serve God. He has dedicated his entire self to the Lord, and feels that it is too small a gift. He is determined to serve him to the best of his ability. RH April 27, 1876, par. 54

A brother says he has been trying for many years to keep the commandments of God. He can say with truth that it pays even in this life to serve God. He intends to try, from this day, to serve him more faithfully. RH April 27, 1876, par. 55

A sister says that it is good to be here. She thanks God that he has seen fit to call her into his service. She knows that if she does her part, he will not fail to do his. We may always trust him; for he will never forsake us. RH April 27, 1876, par. 56

A brother says he feels great need of humbling himself before God. He has been guilty of a disposition to find fault; he feels like asking the forgiveness of God and his brethren and sisters. RH April 27, 1876, par. 57

A sister testifies that the Lord has been good to her. She praises his name for his Spirit which she has felt in her heart since she came to this camp-meeting. She feels that she must give herself and all she has into the hands of God, and trust him to keep and care for that which she has intrusted to him. RH April 27, 1876, par. 58

A sister says she is waiting for Jesus; she wants to be among the children of God when he shall appear. She feels that she must forsake her sins and obey the requirements of God, watching, waiting and praying, that she may be, at last, of that number that have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. RH April 27, 1876, par. 59

A brother says he feels happy in the Lord, although he knows himself to be an unworthy follower and keeper of his commandments. He has had a hard time to get along, but he is not discouraged, but means to press on till he gains the reward of him who overcomes. RH April 27, 1876, par. 60

A Danish brother says he feels that the truth that he has heard is testing his heart. He knows that he must get nearer to God. It is an individual work that must be done in each heart, and his only course is to cling to the Father. RH April 27, 1876, par. 61

His heart beats in unison with the hearts of his brethren, and his soul cries out, “Your God is my God, and your people are my people.” If he cannot live in peace and harmony with his brethren in this world, he surely cannot in the world to come. RH April 27, 1876, par. 62

A Norwegian says he wants to try to seek the Lord and be a complete overcomer. He says that the Lord has been very good to him, and very merciful in his dealings with him. He has not a single complaint to make. RH April 27, 1876, par. 63

Four upon their feet at once. A brother says that it is good for him to be here. He is glad to hear these good, cheering testimonies. He is trying to seek God that he may have a correct understanding of his will, and do the work that God has given him to do. He feels that it is an important time for all. We must not neglect the work of God, and our souls should be fruitful in the knowledge of his will. RH April 27, 1876, par. 64

A sister says she rejoices in the good prayers and testimonies she has heard: they have done her good. She wants a new conversion to God and to his service. RH April 27, 1876, par. 65

A brother came up here with the desire and expectation of receiving a great blessing on this camp-ground. He thinks that it is necessary for him to humble his heart before God, before he can enter upon his work with renewed zeal. He feels that he must have the patience, meekness and humility of Christ. He is determined to be a better man, through the grace of God, that his labors may be acceptable to him. He wants to be a faithful servant of Christ, that he may share the glorious reward promised to them who remain steadfast to the end. RH April 27, 1876, par. 66

(To be continued.)